FDAeasy.com is a private FDA regulatory consulting service powered by ACI Advisory Group, Inc. and does not represent the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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New Product Development 

Compliance with federal and state regulations should be taken into consideration starting from the beginning of the product evaluation and development process.  At FDAeasy.com, we initially discuss with our clients how they want their product to be regulated and then our professionals strive to achieve compliance with the client’s goals in mind.  Depending on how the product achieves its intended goals, the product could be marketed in an entirely different fashion.  One company might market a product as conventional food while another markets a similar product as a dietary supplement.  In this regard, it is crucial to take the FDA regulatory category into consideration for the product development process since it could bring certain benefits and challenges - such as what type of marketing claims you are allowed to use or requirements you may have to meet.

FDAeasy.com has been working with manufacturers, distributors, importers and Internet sellers of foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics and drugs.  Given that these are all strictly regulated categories, our specialized FDA consultants and attorneys with an extensive understanding of both federal and state regulations for consumer goods would be an indispensable resource for you and your company.  Let us assist you in the earliest stage of product development and evaluation so that your product will be marketed properly into the appropriate regulatory category.